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Meaningful New Year - Starting Afresh

Year 2008 was a happening year to me. I am not sure where to start the story but they revolve around my relationship life. I learn a lot of stuffs from the failure. Therefore, thanks to them that I learned a lot of meaningful things about life and reality. I deeply appreciate that from the bottom of my heart =)

I had decided. Decided to put every single unhappiness behind me and only bring forth those happiness with me to walk through year 2009 and years to come. I believed that those unhappiness make a stronger me and those happiness creates a strong pillar supporting me to walk through the hard days that I had in year 2008.

Only when you abandon, you will know how light and carefree actually you can be! Let's move forward YEL you can do it as long as you tried your bestest! Yes, I can!

I also appreciate my friends and family who has been showing much concern and help me walk through the bumpy path in my life. Thanks for them to stand by me when I needed them the most. The concern that they shower and the love they gave will I engrave it in my mind and heart and they shall not be forgotten ever. I love you guys! Thanks for being there! Muacks!

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