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The Dukan Diet - Phase 2 (Cruise Phase)

Hello there. How's the Phase 1 of this diet going on? Have you been coping well with the diet? Now, if you have been, I will be sharing on Phase 2, i.e. the cruise phase. If you have not, don't despair. Persevere, Persevere and Persevere. Patience, patience and patience.

At this phase, you can start to introduce vegetables into your diet. This creates more variety on your diet (IMPORTANT: No fruits for the moment). But again, multivitamins and vitamin C are important. For this diet, you have to eat until you achieve your desired weight. A few rhythms you could follow:-

1/1 Alternating Rhythm (PP; PV)
1 day Pure Protein (PP) followed by 1 day Protein + Vegetables (PV)
Eating vegetables will retain water in your body but PP days can flush the water away!
Refer to Phase 1 for PP days.

2 tablespoon of oatbran per day
Exercise 30 minutes a day or 60 minutes to break the plateau weight.
Multivitamins and vitamin C

For the greens, you can eat them in unlimited servings (boiled, fresh, soup, etc). If you cannot live without rice, what you can do is substitute white rice with black rice. Similar to vegetables, black rice contains complex carbohydrates plus it does not contain sugar or sodium. Still limit the black rice intake to 1 serving per day.

Carrots and beats - eat them moderately (limited to 1 serving/day)

Forbidden (those contains high carbohydrates or sugar content):
Potatoes, corn, fresh/dried peas, beans and lentil rice, quinoa, barley, wheat, berries, millet and other grains are not allowed!

2/7 Alternating Rhythm (PP; PV)
2 days Pure Protein (PP) followed by 5 days Protein + Vegetables (PV)
e.g. PP (Monday & Thursday); PV (The rest of the days will be PV) 
This  is recommended for little weight loss or those who has heavy bottom but slim top.

2/0 Alternating Rhythm (PP; PV)
2 days Pure Protein (PP) followed by 5 days no particular diet but not to the extremes (no second helpings!!)
This  is recommended for those who has heavy bottom but slim top.

The easiest way to prepare PV meal is to cook one-pot meal. Put your fish/meat and vegetables into a pot and stew them. I ate two middle-sized bowls but it didn't increase my weight. The trick is less meat/fish, more vegetables! All you need is just season the fish/meat with salt and black pepper. To make the soup sweeter, add onions/garlic.


The Dukan Diet - Phase 1 (Attack Phase)

In previous post, I have shared my weight profile by taking up Dukan Diet. You can actually find quite a lot of information on this diet in the web. What I will be doing here is to summarize and share my humble thoughts with you guys. This diet, it is divided into four phases:-

Phase 1 - Attack Phase (Pure Protein Diet - termed as PP)
Phase 2 - Cruise Phase  (Protein + Vegetables Diet - termed as PV)
Phase 3 - Consolidation Phase (Rhythmic PP + PV)
Phase 4 - Stabilization Phase (A day with PP) 

So I will start off with the first phase, which is also the hardest phase. Quite a number of people cannot stand for the first day. Even I too find it hard to do that. But to slim down you will still need a lot of perseverance and patience. 

What to Eat During PP Day (eat as much as you like - unlimited except milk and soya milk)
  • Lean meat
    1. Restricted to beef, chicken, turkey, veal, buffalo and pork (NO LAMB!)
    2. Grilled, baked, roasted, boiled
    3. No oil, no butter, no cream or no low-fat version
  • Fish/Seafood
    1.  All types
    2. Grilled, baked, roasted, boiled
    3. No oil, no butter, no cream or no low-fat version
  • Eggs (half- or hard boiled, poached, scrambled, steamed with minced lean meat/fish with dash of salt and black pepper powder)
  • Low fat ham, smoked turkey and chicken, dried beef
  • Tofu/Seitan
    1. Tempeh, soy milk, vegetable burgers (only for vegetarian dieters)
    2. Due to its carbohydrate content in soy milk, it is limited to only 2 glasses a day.
  • Natural non-fat, non-fruit yogurt (Unlimited Serving)
  • Milk (2 glasses a day)
  1. Strictly no vegetables, fruits, sugar, ketchup, chilli sauce and oil intake.
  2. Reduce salt and mustard intake.
  3. Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day - to flush out the excess water, toxins and fats that retains in your body. 
  4. 1.5 tablespoon of oatbran per day is a MUST (Increase fullness by absorbing water and contains high soluble fiber that aid weight loss).
  5. Exercise 20 minutes daily (at least brisk walking) is a MUST too (This is something that is hard to follow - as we tend to not to move)
  6. Load yourself with multivitamins and Vitamin C. Vit. C is an essential component in building the skin's collagen and some other tissues in the body. Without Vit C, no matter how much protein you load in, it will be pointless.
For the exercising, what I did was, I went to Youtube and find those 10 minutes workouts by ClassFitSugar or Denise Austin workouts. You save the hassle going out the house. Do the exercises together while the video is running and you definitely wont feel bored or alone in getting the workouts done. Happy trying!
Highly Recommended
Cook your protein with:-
  1. Vinegar
  2. Spices & herbs
  3. Garlic
  4. Onions
  5. Thyme
  6. Shallots
  7. Parsley
  8. Salt
  9. Black/White Pepper
  10. Tumeric powder
  11. Curry powder
  12. Chilli powder
  13. Cayenne powder
How long does this diet last?
5 days: Target to lose more than 20 pounds (9 kgs)
3 days: Target to lose more than 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) but less than 20 pounds (9 kgs
2 days: Target to lose less than 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) - I lose 1.5 kgs within 2 days. I think there   
              are quite a lot of water retained in my body. No wonder I always feel so bloated.

Living in Singapore, it's hard to avoid something that is not cook with oil. So, I improvised the diet a little. When I am eating out, I tried to find something that is cooked using less oil such as soup-based or steamed food. Or another way (that's how my sis do it) is to prepare a bowl of water and wash your stir-fried meat/fish/vegetables. It works that way too! For me I didn't do that because the idea is to reduce our fat and sodium intake. As long as it's not deep-fried food, stir-fried food is fine with me. If I cook my own meal, I will use a teaspoon or less of extra virgin olive oil to stir-fry, at least for the garlic and onions. But most of the time, I will cook a one-pot meal (stew or soup-based). To make yourself feel full, drink a glass of 99% fat-free milk before meal. 

In this PP diet, 30 percent of the calories will be used to breakdown the protein. It means that only 70 percent is being stored in our body. If say in a day you consumed around 1500 calories of protein, the actual energy that is being stored is 1050 calories. At this phase, you will feel thirsty most of the time. The reason: To breakdown protein, water is needed. Therefore, drinking 8 glasses of water is not a problem. But do note that you will go to the loo quite often. And you might face constipation for the first few days and the feaces can be dry too. To solve that, eat non-fat yogurt after your meal. It does get your bowel moving!

The Dukan Diet - I have tried and it works!

Hi, folks from the web! I am back in action again. Sorry for not being active for the past one year. Got a lot of stuffs going on, mainly wrapping up the PhD works and my wedding! Yes, I am married! Yay! For myself to look great on the wedding, I adapted a diet called Dukan Diet. A little background before I started this diet:-

April 2012
I weighted 60 kgs. As the emergency alarm sounded, I reduced my carbohydrate intake, approximately a quarter, with no exercise.

August 2012
I weighed again and this time it dropped to 58 kgs in 2 months. This time, I added exercise, once a week (jogging and body toning exercises). 

December 2012
My weight has gone down to 56 kgs but it took me 8 months to get rid of 4 kgs. As my wedding date was drawing nearer, I needed to reduce the weight to 53 or 54 kgs at most. Somehow, be it by luck or by fate, my sister happened to hear from some one about Dukan Diet. Since this diet does not require any starvation, why not try it out - this was what have been playing in my mind.

And surprisingly, before my wedding date, I managed to reach 53 kgs! Below is my weight profile that I have plotted in graph. It took me 44 days to lose 3 kgs and my complexion looks better than before. I can see my face glowing. The first and the last data point dated 15th December 2012 and 31st January 2013, respectively. Within this period, my waistline and thighs measurements dropped 1.5 - 2 inches! Isn't it incredible?! As you can see in the graph, tThere is a hike on day 20 but fear not! It was due to water retention as I was having my menstrual cycle. 3-4 days after the menstrual cycle, the weight will go back to normal again.

 You must be wondering how did I manage to follow through the diet. For this, please wait for the next post. I will explain how this diet works and how you should go about it. See you next round ^_^

P/S: My before and after picture:
                                 August 2012                                                       January 2013
The face and arms in January 2013 was clearly smaller than in August 2012. For the August 2012 photoshoot I had to adjust to make sure that the photographer will only take my thinnest angle. While January 2013 was just a random-normal pose.


Lucky Surabaya, Far East Plaza (Singapore)

Helloooo folks!!! After one year and 3 months, I am back in action. Do you guys miss me? (~cheh~who will miss you thick-skinned) ... -_-" *sweat* .... But when I logged in after such a loong period, I become really "sua gu" (outdated in hokkien) the settings of the blog. Everything is soo new. But phew I got my way out of it though ...

There are so so much to blog and I find it difficult to start!! Traveling and food. It was really hard to choose from those two. Still it seems that food has won my affection .. hahaha ... Alright, since I do have a lot of food to share about, I will start with a short, simple and recent one.

OK, Shalom had this craving for "Ayam penyet" (literal translation ayam = chicken + penyet = crushed/smashed becomes crushed/smashed chicken). Well, dont worry chicken is not crushed but the fried flour is crushed. So you have crumbled fried flour ... We tried another one called "Ayam Penyet Ria" and quite like it. Decided on this because this shop has quite a few newspaper reviews. 

Let's start with the ambiance of the shop. Nice, quite and not crowded. Erm ... I think most shops in Far East Plaza (FEP) are like this cos not really many people here if you compared to other shopping centers along Orchard Road. Fully packed with people on weekends so lunch is a no no there. Therefore, FEP is a good place to get out of the crowd unless you are those crowdie type of person. Yes, definitely those packed shopping malls are for you!!!


Then, we flipped open the menu. It offers quite a wide range of Indonesian food and even I am a Malaysian, I have a little problems with the food on the menu. Gosh ... has my Malay standard drop T_T or because it's Indonesian language?! I still prefer that it's because of the language is Indonesian (*tsk...tsk ... tsk... cant believe this girl***faint***). Since Shalom was craving for his beloved penyet and sup bakso (beef balls soup... but mind you, not that kind of "balls" ya!!! hahahaha ....). Not forgetting his all time favourite "teh botol" (bottle tea - well just Indonesian tea) in an Indonesian restaurant.


The serving was quite fast and efficient cos we are the second customer in the shop ... so you can imagine how empty the shop is. I guess you must be waiting anxiously what is the verdict for the food. Maybe I have a different taste buds, sup bakso and the sambal (stir-fried grounded red chilli) were just so so compared to its competitor next door (Ayam Penyet Ria). Sambal was more of spicy rather than spicy and sweet which makes you wanting for more. But if you are looking mainly for the chicken, theirs was definitely on the upper hand.

For sup bakso, the sup was too salty with no vegetables. At least the other shop has tauge (bean sprouts) and not so salty. One ball cost one dollar ... very ex hor .... fairprice is like only 20-30 cents for fish/pork balls ... not good not good.

Alright, people! That's all  for now. Enjoy reading and good night ya ^_^ *hug*hug*


Korean Bibimbap - Mixed Rice

Recently I have been cooking my own lunch to school almost everyday. Because I really do not know what to have anymore in school canteen. Everyday the food are the same. Same type of vegetables, same type of meat. Therefore, I will wake up earlier in the morning to prepare my lunchbox. It's quick and easy. What I did was, I prepared the ingredients the night before and cook them in the morning.

  • Brocolli (the florets)
  • Beef (mold them into small balls) - Can substitute with pork/prawn/fish/mock meat etc - marinate with salt, pepper and sesame oil
  • Crabstick - diced
  • Mushrooms (diced/sliced)
  • Bell pepper (diced/sliced) - I chose red for better colour
  • Go chu jang - Korean chilli paste - Scoop one spoon of go chu jang and mixed with two spoon on water
  • Homemade Kimchee
  • White rice
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Heat oil
  • Stir fry brocolli, beef, mushrooms, bell pepper and crabstick until cooked.
  • Place rice on a bowl and topped with the ingredients stir-fried earlier.
  • Fry an egg with yolk half cooked and place it on top of the rice.
  • Add in go chu jang and mixed the rice.
The rice is ready! Quick and easy isnt it? ^_^


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