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Tired day but good treats

Went to Tian Wang again today! Ordered the Bamboo Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce and Stirred Fried Seasonal Vegetables. Well, as said previously, spare ribs were cooked in black bean sauce and garlic. Therefore, I shan't be commenting much on the spare ribs here anymore. As good as last time. Still very nice!!! For Stirred Fried seasonal vegetables, it is basically, shitake mushrooms, celery, black fungus and lotus roots. A very bland food but healthy and nice!! Not too salty too and not too oily. For those who are looking for nice food but are afraid of fat, this will be a good choice! Thumbs up! Yay! ^_^

Then, after the dinner, it's dessert time!!! Hohohoho... Ordered a Kantan Jelly - chef recommendation. It is said that this kind of jelly is made of from roots of a kind of plants (not sure what kind of plants) ... As long as edible and taste nice, who cares what's behind it hahahahahha.... What's truly amazing is, they mentioned that the jelly helps in slimming. I wonder how true it is after you eat them together with the ice-cream, rice ball, red beans, peach and honey. Hmm... will it help in slimming down? I really wonder. But one thing that I am sure is the ice-cream refreshes and helps in destressing my brain. That's a very good help indeed ... Hehehehe... Cost about SGD8. However, it's not that expensive when you share it out not forgetting to keep your weight balance too!
Will try it out again another time! Had a great dinner today! ^o^

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