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Lazy day

Today seems to be a lazy day. I guess all the lazy worms are crawling all over me. Aiks~ I can feel them wriggling hahaha ... can somebody help me to catch those worms away? Just did mock presentation in front of my supervisor. Well, need to do a number of changes on the presentation slides. Shouldn't be slacking. Must do a bit of work ma.... how can be so lazy one (very singlish, heh?) hahahahaha ... probably upload some pics again tonight. The pics to Underwaterworld for pre-bday celebration. Havent done that cos I need to adjust the brightness of the pics. I am totally crazy about photoshooting and photoshoping now. They are so fun. Hehehehe. Hope to get more shots in next photoshoot outing with my camera kakis (for those who doesnt know what kakis is, kaki means leg in Malay, however, it is used to denote buddies as well. how this term evolve into buddy I am not sure myself either. So those who knows please feel free to comment ^_^). Will be getting a new Lumix camera for SGD150! Yay! Thanks, Peace! You are the best for giving me such a great offer! Love ya, ooops~ (dont misinteprete =P. Hahahaha)
Finally, am able to shoot some photos which has more or less the similar quality with DSLR. Hahaha... my new hobby. So, Celia get ready to be my model ya hahahaha cos all this while I have been yours. Hehehe... this time round my turn to practice on you. After my OQE, ask me to join you for photoshoot outing! Would love to join you and your kakis very much. Those who are interested can join us too. For me, I would prefer potrait shooting than scenery shooting. Potrait shots tells a lot of stories. Just love it! However, scenery shots is important too especially when you go travelling. Capturing the sights of history and culture that is being left behind by our ancestors. Getting know others custom. That will be a great prove of the evolution of human over time. Need to practice them well. I hope to get shots of people leading a different life in the world and let us feel how blessed we are in our current lifestyle that we are living in now. Thanks to Kami-sama for giving me such a great life! Life is so wonderful and beautiful!
Ok ok back to the topic. I think I draw far enough to something else... Hahahahaha... Nearest shots will be shooting for my Tioman trip with my family (immediate family plus my lecturer uncle's family) in March! Yes, family trip!!! He has a very pretty daughter. Hahahaha.. I can snap a lot of her pics and make her pretty pretty. Hahahaha.. Can snap my cute little brother pics as well since he likes to act cool so much. My mom and sis cant stand me and my brother Hahahaha for being so vain in front of the camera. Therefore, new goal aside from studies and experiments is to practice good photoshooting skills. Yosh! Way to go girl!! Guess my life will be very busy for the remaining of my studies years. Hehehe. Since I am the planner (though not the initiator) for the trip, photoshoot is definitely one of the item. Hahahaha... Daddy + mommy shots, Uncle HH + Auntie CL shots, Min and Han shots, Bro shots. Thinking about on how to make them pose making me feel so alive. Just cant stop smiling... I guess I really got a Permanent Head Damage (PhD). Huahuahuahua. Pray that nothing will crop the plan and March is a good weather in Tioman ~Qoooo~ Really really looking forward to the trip!
Photography here comes YEL!!! Dont runaway!!

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