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My BIG day. Feeling so blank~

Tomorrow is my big day. But should spend some time blogging cos my mind is blank now. Hope fully everything will flow well tomorrow. I have been wanting this day to come but when it comes I am totally blank now. Mind is oversaturated.

There are three scary stage where all PhDs have to face in NUS. First round - Comprehensive Qualifying Exam (CQE). Second round - Oral Qualifying Exam (OQE) and the last round - Dissertation Defense. If you pass all three, you will be free and light!

For those who are puzzled what the exam will be like, here is the explanation:
CQE - Present 15-30 mins on your PhD topic. Then you will be question about the fundamentals stuff like chemistry, biology, thermodynamics etc for about 45 mins to 1 hour. Then, await the result.

OQE - Defending your proposal. A 30-45 mins of presentation about your research work followed by a 45 mins to 1 hour grilling. *Sweat*

Dissertation defend - Present you whole PhD dissertation and be tested on your knowledge.

Tomorrow, I will be taking my second round. Passed the first round. Thank God. Now I will pray hard to the God so that I can pass my second round smoothly. "Dear God, please let me pass through the exam. I have done what I need to do. Please guide me through". Hope Kami-sama heard my prayer and guide me through the process.

May the force be with me!

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