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Tadaima~Back into Action: Lovely beauty treats for all

Hi guys and gals out there!! Sorry for leaving my blog for so long. Been off-ing for a one week -holiday-ing at home. Hehehehe... It was a nice get-together with family holiday. Love it so much. Travel from KL down to Singapore. My legs are just exhausted. Too tired to walk too far these few days. Hahaha. You alls must be eager to know what happening thing has been going around. Well, there are good and bad stuffs going around for the past one week. I shall unveil the curtain one by one. One per day. Or else it will be tough for you guys to follow up. No worries, pictures will definitely be uploaded in here. Of course not all. I will be crazy to upload all. Just some that I find them interesting!
As a treat for you guys and gals, I am sharing beauty tips by using eggs, that helps in minimizing pores, remove blackheads and firming your cheeks. Not forgetting leaving your face moisturize, smooth and supple. OK without wasting anymore time let's get down to business!!! Heee =D
1. Take the egg white (1-2 tablespoon) - enough to cover your neck and face
2. Lightly beat the egg white (try to minimize the bubble formation).
3. Apply it thinly onto clean dry face.
4. Leave it for 15-20mins or until it dries.
5. Wash it off.
You can definitely feel the immediate effect. I have sensitive plus dry skin and it helps a lot! Thank to mum for telling me this miracle to save my face. Mum is the best. Thank you mom!! Love ya! Muacks Muacks!
For those who is going to try, happy trying. Egg yolk can be used as well and both provide the same effect! ^_^ Or another way is to eat up the egg yolk! Of course cook it la~ *fainted*

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