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Two little angels sent from Heavens

I was browsing through the British Got Talents in Youtube, where my supervisor introduce Susan Boyle. He said this lady was very very good. So I checked it out just now. This lady really stunned me with her voice. You really cant judge she can sing that well with her appearance. A normal aunties at her late 40s or even older. But really.... you will love her after you hear her sing. Even the judges thought this lady cant make it. But she did stunned them with her voice. Even, Simon Cowell who is famous in critisizing the American Idol praised her. Her voice is very very clean and pure. I love her.
Then, I diverted my attention to the previous season Britains Got Talent Connie Tablot. Still remeber her? A little 6 years old girl without her frontal teeth singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"? I came across her video clip when she was performing in Korea. She sang with the little blind girl (around her age I think). This little blind girl didnt sing but instead she played piano while Connie sang. This video is soo cool and I thought it will inspire people.
If we put our heart and soul into what we believed in (when there are a lot of people say you cant), eventually you can really make it! Cos no one has ever thought that blind can play piano!! Therefore, I am telling myself NOT to complain for the imperfections. B'cos sometimes, imperfections are just perfections in your life!! ^_^

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