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Korean BBQ Chicken S.U.C.K.S.

After a hard day work running between two labs to and fro a few times a day, I would like to induldge myself in some good food at West Coast Plaza. Though it's so near my house, I have not been there like for a month. Therefore, decided to go there and search for some food. Of course, tagging along with me was Shalom W. Initially, I wanted to try at Paradise Inn. After checking out the price, it was ex. So decided to change the venue. Went to Dian Xiao Er... it might be expensive to. Since the Korean BBQ Chicken looks so good in picture, we decided on it!!

Look how pretty and colourful the menu was. Take note on the Best Quality!!!!

So both of us browse through the menu and to our surprise it cost more or less the same as Fish and Co. So the anticipation of the food was quite high~~

They have pasta too aside from all the fried and grilled chicken.

Drinks and desserts page. Not cheap too. Since we didnt really know how it tastes like, we restrain ourself from ordering too much. Just in case.

After ordering our food, I played around with my camera and Shalom snapped 3 pics of me and only 1 can be used.... I like this style of me. Never done this pose before.

Then, I took a pic of Shalom. As usual, he will never did the right pose when you are snapping photos of him. In order to take his pic, usually you have to do it candid-ly. Else the pictures just cant make it.

While waiting for the food to be served, both of us tried to solve the puzzle on Shalom's NintendoDS. A very interesting game.

Finally, food was here. This is chiken strips if I am not mistaken .Well, taste not too bad. Similar to KFC spicy and crispy chicken or McD chicken wings. But didnt taste as great as them. Still on the ok side. Since it's not too expensive, we didnt really hold a very high expectation on this.

Next served was the fish cutlet. This was REALLY REALLY A VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED dish!!!! Just look at the fish cutlet. Charging about SGD12 I expect it to be more or less similar to Fish&Co fish and chips! Grrr... but the fish are like those you can find in Engineering Canteen (NUS) where it cost $1 per piece at most. Sauce not good. Salad just taste so-so. Fries not good. This dish ABSOLUTELY UNWORTHY of the price it's charged!!!!

Third dish was the HOT DRUMS. Even worst!!! Cant even beat KFC spicy and crispy. Cost about $12 too where KFC only cost about half the price!! Tasteless chicken... REALLY SAD.... wasted my stomach. The only thing that taste good here was the potatoes. Sigh....SIGH.... SIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!

Overall, we paid 40 bucks for this meal. I REPEAT TOTALLY UNWORTHY!!! So folks, dont waste your money on this. KFC is way way way much better than this. The only one thing that they won over KFC is KFC winglets cannot make it. Too dry~~~ So be reminded: Not to go to this shop to eat again unless you wanted a "high class" environemnt and to flaunts how much money you have got. Or else I DEFINITELY WON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. It really really really sucks!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

yes, BBQ Chicken is really really suxk....just went there this afternoon for my 1st try of this shop. They do have buy 1 for 1 promotion but their flagship dish "Olive Luxary Chicken" is really tasteless. Just simple deep fried of the chicken. KFC is much much better. this visit is definitely my 1st and last.


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