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Min's Visit Part 3: Sentosa

During Min's visit, Ardy and me took her to Sentosa too since she never been to the beach there. Ardy said we both look alike from the back. I asked him how. He said well, the typical girls type. Hmmm... I dont know how typical girls type looks like and asked him to take a pic of us from the back. Yeah ... now I understand why. Looks really similar from the back. Long hair and stuff... well a typical girl. Hehehehe....

We regretted we didnt bring any clothes to change. So cant play the water there. The water is sooo cooling the moment you stepped into the water. It really tempted us and was really testing our patience....Next time, I must jump into the water and play!!!!!! That visit just cant satisfied me....grr.....*frowning*

While Min's by the water, I snapped a pic on my pair of feet. One feet was too lonesome.....

So we added 3. Hmm...can you guys and gals guess, who is whose??? I think it's pretty easy right? Hahahhahaha

Here comes the water... was a nice one. Nice water and everything. Yes!!!!

Time to go back home. The bus driver wasnt here yet. Aiks....therefore, we did a series of expressions pictures. First, is the happy pic! Yay!!
Second is the tired pic.
Third, is the angry pic. Scary arent we. Hahahahhahaha....
Last but not least, is my all time favourite .... act cute list. Hahahhahahaha
It's a fun trip at Sentosa! Hope to go for more outing with cousins!!!! =)

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