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Breakfast in Batu Pahat. Anyone?

I always miss the food in Batu Pahat. Singapore local food sometimes is not comparable to the taste back in hometown. Probably because I grew up here, my taste bud has accustomed to the taste here. It just possess some sense which is unforgetable. Everytime and always, I will never miss my all time favourite roti canai (prata in Singapore) near the bus terminal (located opposite Xin Xin-for those who are familiar with Batu Pahat). I think he is the rare Chinese who sells roti canai in this area. This stall is always full of people. People will just come flocking just to get a taste of Uncle's roti canai. The curry sauce always comes in two big pots! They sells mee rojak (Indian rojak noodles) as well but never tasted them. Hmm... next time I should go back and taste it!! Since his roti canai is so popular, I assume his mee rojak is not bad too. Dont disappoint me Uncle *wink* The whole family runs the business. Uncle is the roti canai maker, auntie in charge of pan-frying the roti while the daughter (at the age of 13) serves and do packaging. So those who are still whining about how tough life is, be blessed that you dont need to wake up at 6am, help out parents at the stall and go to school right after that (normally secondary one and two are afternoon classes). Not to mention to do homework and revision at night! I salute this little girl. Imagine how tired she is if you are to do this everyday and you are only to rest once a week! So please be blessed how good your life is now~

Since this is the first time, after so many years, that I went buying breakfast for the family, this stall caught my attention. Well, it's a normal economy bee hoon and noodles stall. But guys and gals, I would like to bring your attention to this Hakka dish called "Suan pan zi" which means "The Sempoa seed". This is a must have dish during chinese new year which signifies every year you have money to count. Never tried this dish before. So I just bought it and try. Love it when I first trying it. Very delicious indeed. And it's very cheap. Cost only RM1.20 per pack!!!!

My next all time favourite is the FRIED CARROT CAKE ^_^!!!!!! Cant resist one when I see them. It's not hard to make the carrot cake. But to make into a tasty one is not easy at all. The cake has to be soft and smooth! Cant fried it for too long or else it doesnt taste very good. I like the white type compared to the black type (where you added dark soy sauce). Black one is too sweet for me. I love it when it is fried with a lot of chillies and spring onions. Cant resist the smell... oh..... drooling. Cant find this kind of taste in Singapore also. The fried carrot cake taste the same everywhere. However, in Malaysia, it will taste different from one town to another. Hehehehhehe... that's the uniqueness of the fried carrot cake in Malaysia. Another good one is in Muar. It's my all time favourite as well!!! Must eat when I go back to Muar too Hehehehehhehe... I am soooooo HUNGRY NOW!!! Sheesh!!

Others that you have are the Chee Cheong Fun. Not the Cantonese type but the KL type where it's all dried and you can add in fish cakes or yam cakes (Oooops accidentally deleted the pics while editing- sorry to lazy to post them here). Eat them with sweet sauce and chillies. Since this is originated from KL, of course, KL taste better and have more varieties. The cheong fun taste better in KL also. Next is the, "you char kwai" with soya milk. Yay!! I like this too. But due to its unhealthiness, decided not to buy it. Too oily though. It goes well with the cantonese type of porridge too...... ahh... miss my all time favourite porridge in BP!!! Cant forget the taste and it's lingering in my mouth....more drooling .... sigh...... hungry T~T

Last but not least is bao and dim sum the most popular breakfast in Chinese culture......

I really miss the foood. No matter how many times I go back, just cant satisfied my taste buds...... Ok ok I better stop writing on food else tonight I will be eating my pillows hahahahahhahaha. Till then and see you next time folks!
Nite Nite...... Muacks!!!! *_*

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