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Blood Donation - Do your part if you can!!

Life is important to all living things no matter how small it is. Each beings is struggling to survive in this world. All are trying their best to live a colourful life so that we would not regret when we leave this material world later. I fell much blessed and appreciated cos I am living and growing up in places where there are no war, no disasters.
However, there are some parts of people in those places are struggling to survive due to some diseases and accidents that occur. Yes, some of those need blood to survive. Blood is always in shortage in any part of the world. Do you know that your blood can change a person's life? So try not to be too selfish. If you are physically fit and healthy as a bull, a little bit of blood wont take you anywhere! Dont be embarass saying you are afraid of the needle. I am scare too. But imagine if you can save a person life just by donating, why not!
In addition to that, you get cool bandage by the staffs from HSA in Singapore. In Malaysia, normally, is only handiplast. But in Singapore, the use cool bandage. Hehehe. Love it sooo much!!!! Hahaha...
Ok going out for my lunch!! Enjoy reading and remember to do your part!!! Save a life!!

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