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Min's Visit Part 1: Departure from JB City Square

Min's visited Singapore on the 7th February 2009. Her visits here though was short but it was fun. I appointed her at City Square, Johor Bahru . A brief intro of City Square, it's a shopping mall consist of cinema, clothes, bags, shoes, eateries, cafes etc. Basically, you can get everything there and things arent that expensive too. No wonder Singaporean love to cross over. Hehehehhe.....Since I was later than the promised time, I waited for Uncle to drop her off at City Square. While waiting, I took some pictures of the mall surrounding. Well, Chinese New Year was still in the air, therefore snap the decor of the mall.

At the same time, love is in the air. You can see some decor for Valentines and they are promoting couple studio shot. For RM88 you can get a total make over by the studio for the couple plus a photoshot and you can get back a 4R size photo for the couple. Hmm.. quite a good deal but too bad the other half was not there. Cant take the pics... sad..... sob*sob* T_T
There were some stalls selling Valentine's gift too. It was beautifully decorated too. Love the look of the stall and therefore, snapped the photo from second floor. Hehehehehe....

Finally, met up with min. Before we depart to Singapore, we were able to snap some pics with the decor at the groundfloor. Hahahahhahaa

Alrite, Singapore here we go!!!
To be continue........

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