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Min's Visit Part 2: The NTU Visit

Brought Min to NTU for a visit. Coincidentally, my another cousin Ardy who is studying in NTU was having a martial arts (Wushu) performance that night. So we stay from start till the end. First, they have to warm up. His friend Wan Qing was with him. Quite a good looking chap. Taekwando black belt. Too bad he is already attached else will intro some girls to him. Aiya... he missed Hahahhahaa... just kidding dont take it too seriously. Just look at him he can really stretch his legs. Ardy was mischievious. He took off one of his shoes. Hahhahaa.. That was hillarious....

See... the shoe was in front of him instead of his feet.

Meanwhile, Min's and me were playing with the rod, which Cheng Liang is using. Both of us really has got nothing to do.

Hmmm... look at my stance. I can do martial arts as well. So.. guys beware if you dont want to get hit by me. Hahahhahaha

Snapped some pics while they are performing. A nice one. They have fists, kicks, dagger, rod and sword. The lady who is playing sword was good. I like sword better. Hehehehee...

The performance was for the Malaysian Student Association Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Hmm.. quite meaningful ones for us who are studying abroad. Had a great time!!

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