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Taste of The Chuan's (川味人家)

Today ... wait .. not quite as today since it's already midnight.. Or should I consider this as yesterday? Well, whether it's today or yesterday it is still Raya mood (Malay's new year). Whatever the occasion, the main event in this post is to share the food I had tasted today. Yes, The "Taste of The Chuan's" (the Chuan Wei Ren Jia, as shown on the signboard). Initially, an eating kaki of mine, Kir, who just came back from Sydney would like to bring me to taste the Korean food somewhere in Tanjong Pagar. However, to our disappointment the shop only starts its business at 5pm due to Raya...argh...not knowing what to eat we just loiter around Tanjong Pagar to see if there is any other restaurant..But there was just none...*Fainted* But thanks to Yixuan, we get to fill our stomach a bit. Cutting the story short (which I think you guys will not be interested on how we got to this restaurant), we decided to try the above mentioned restaurant in Chinatown. I got know this restaurant from the research assistant, a part timer hired by my supervisor, Zhang Yan. Thanks to Zhang Yan patience I am able to taste such a good food. A little background before I introduce the food (good things always come last..hehehehe), this restaurant is a Northern Chinese Cuisine, specifically Szechuan Cuisine.

This restaurant is located at Mosque Street. Just in case you guys does not have any idea where this place is, let me be a little naggy to tell you how to get to this place. You can take the MRT and alight at Chinatown station. Go towards the exit where they will bring you to Chinatown Plaza. Opposite Chinatown Plaza is People's Park and next to its right is a building called The Majestic, where you can see New Bridge Road Sign in front of it. There is a T-junction just right in front of this building. Walk down the road and you will see a big signboard stating“川味人家”(Please refer to the following pictures if you are not familiar with Singapore)

Due to my blur personality, it took me a while to find the main door of the restaurant. We saw an arrow sign showing to the left and I thought the door was on further left. Actually, it's a sliding door... Gosh I am so paiseh (embarassing) ... However, I just acted selamba-ly (act as if nothing happen in Malay) walking into the restaurant. The first impression of the restaurant to me was clean. Very clean. The waiter is somehow quite helpful cos when I said I do not want to sit by the door, he open another section for us to dine in. Upon sitting down, I observed the place a little. It gives a cosy, homely and warm feeling for those people who studied or worked outside their birth country, especially those who are from China. It give you a sense or rather a taste of home compared to most restaurant which are quite commercialized. It's quite spacious and not too crowded in terms of decoration. Simple and nice plus the way the boss decorates the restaurant makes you feel welcome and a sense of belonging.. I guess this is why most customers were from China and they make the restaurant even livelier.
Alright, alright I know, I know, you guys are growing impatient. Here comes the main part. Yes, the food. Since there was only two of us, we can't order much though there are a lot of other dishes we would like to try. We ordered five goes~~ TADAAAAAAAAA!!
Feeling tempted? Okay, let's start off with the cold dish or appetiser of the meal, followed by the main dishes.

Cold dish/Appetiser: Chinese Bean Noodle Salad (Northern Eastern Style) - 东北拉皮

Made of cucumber, parsley, cucumber, sesame seeds and of course the main character, bean noodle. When it was served it doesnt seem that great at all. The noodle looks like a thicker and broader version of "kway teow", where at first I thought it will taste more or less like "kway teow". However, to my surprise, it doesnt taste as it looks. The bean noodle gives you a glassy and Q-ee feeling the moment you put it into your mouth. You basically do not really need to chew a lot. The mixture of the sauce is superb. The black vinegar gives a refreshing feeling and other seasoning like fish sauce taste alike and chilli oil blends well with the vinegar. This dish is really an appetiser. Love it. I wonder how others taste like. Hmmm....

Main dish 1: Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables - 山野小炒
In English, it's called mixed vegetables. My first image that came into my mind was those "Zi Char" mixed vegetables where you stir-fried all sorts of vegetables like the white cabbage, carrot, abalone mushrooms. enoki mushrooms etc. But when this dish was served. I was awed! Awed by the way they presented the dish. Although it's a little salty, the combination of the brocolli and the mixed veggies made it balanced. This dish I would say is a healthy choice as it comprises of carrots, bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms and black fungus. As far as I have tasted black fungus, I have never eaten black fungus as tender as this one. You will feel like you are eating jelly and you wont need much effort in chewing down the fungus (I did when I eat them previously, that's why I dislike fungus). Now they totally change my point of view in the texture of black fungus. ^^

Main Dish 2: Boiled Cutlet (Fish, Pork, Beef) - 水煮肉片(Must try!!)
If you are a spicy lover, this is a must try. If you are a dieter, you may now like this dish (it's really totally and very sinful). Because this dish is fully covered with spices oil. The nice part of this dish despite its "oiliness" is the meat. The meat covered with flour is very very tender. They feel as if they are ready to melt inside your mouth. It tastes like chicken but the fact is we ordered pork. What amazed us is how can a pork taste like the texture of chicken? I would say this is a good dish. I cant figure out what spices they used except the dried "chilli paddies" that is being covered. Due to the spiciness and Kir are unable to stand this, we took away this dish and of course, I was the one who ending up finishing it. Thanks Kir for settling my dinner. Hahahhahahaha... Ok ok back to the topic. The spiciness of this dish will not numb your tongue like others type of food chillies combi. However, you will choke your throat once in while. So be extra careful when you ordered this dish.

Main Dish 3: Pan Fried Beef With Ginger - 姜葱炒牛肉
Looks simple, huh? The beef was tender and chewy. By combining ginger and onions, it enhances the taste of the beef. Kir, who doesnt like ginger still take ginger cos he said the beef tastes better. This dish is not as salty compared to the first dish. You can eat it on its own. I think it's a good dish to go with beer. So beer lover, remember to order this dish when you are outing having a couple of drinks with a bunch of good friends. Some peanuts or groundnut will be good as add ins as well. I would suggest you take away this dish, buy a carton of beers and a few packets of peanuts, sit by the beach or park and talk all night.'s really relaxing man... but too bad I dont drink due to my allergic... sigh...
Main Dish 4: Bamboo Shoots and Dry Mushrooms Soup - 茶树菇竹荪汤
This dish didnt look that great when it's served. The mushrooms look like wooden sticks and the bamboo shoots looks like dried pig's skin. We thought that it must taste awful and I imagine the mushrooms must be taste like wood planks. Hard to swallow. I feel a little regret orderding this. BEWARE!! Never judge a book by its cover! It doesnt taste as it looks. This is a very very light soup and vegetarian out there you can this soup and you will definitely not regret. Despite its look, the mushrooms texture is smooth, as smooth as shitake mushroom but of course much less fleshy in comparison. The first sip of the soup, you taste a bit salty but later on you taste the sourness and refreshing-ness of this soup. It just taste great!! After having those meaty dishes, this soup just washes the meaty and sinful feeling out of your guy (as if .. hahahaha)
After the hearty meal, I feel really better after all the mess that I have been through these few months. More motivated in moving forward! Yes, my big leap!! Well, that's all for now folks! Altogether we spent about 55SGD on this meal and thanks to Kir and Zhang Yan, I get to enjoy this sumptous meal. It's not too expensive if you look at the portion. If you guys out there would like to try, I would suggest you go in 3 to 4 persons as the dish is enough to cover your stomach. Oh ya, all the dishes we ordered were the smallest portion. So imagine if you ordered medium or large...They still have other interesting dishes, which I would like to try out or when you guys have tried it out do not hessitate to drop me a few in my blog. I will really really appreciate that. Thanks in advance. Enjoy researching the food~~ ;D. Look at the time, it's way passed my beauty sleep. Good nite! *Kisses*Hugz*Cuddle*Cuddle*
P/S: Oh ya, nearly forgot. They offer steamboat buffet as well and the ingredients are really very fresh compared to the ones I had eaten in Bugis. They charge 18++ for adult and 12++ for kids.

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