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Girls Night Out - Tung Loks Signatures (So-so only la)

Tonight is the night! It's a gathering dinner for those who are either working or studying in Singapore. Only 6 of us appeared of of the tenths. This time the location is at Central, Clarke Quay. Our initial dinner place is Pasta de Waraku, however, we have to wait for about 45 to 60 minutes for the table to be ready. Clarke Quay-happening as always, is always crowded with people not to mention, today is Friday!!! Most of the ramens and japs restaurant are just crowded = long queue - *pengz* - It's already 8pm when I reached (sorry for my lateness due to the STU*** sim card which go inactive - ANYONE can tell me what actually happen?! FYI I foot the bill already via AXS) It's soo troublesome that I had to go to M1 and check out what happen... *mafan*poingz*frust*grrr... Kayz Kayz..sorry abit off topic...SO we decided to go to Crystal Jade instead but we ended up in front of Japanese Western Cuisine (sth like that cant really remember) ... huh?!! *Puzzled* Where is Crystal Jade??Well, yeah probably we made a mistake. In the end, we decided to just walk around and see what we can catch. Yeah, that's right we caught Tung Loks Signature and upon receiving the menu OMG the food are really really damn PRICEY!!!! I guess our there will be a hole in the pocket right after we finished our dinner. Since we had already sat down, you cant really get up and go away. Thus, we decided to continue with our mistake. No wonder, older generation always said that NEVER take a wrong step...Now, it seems that I could understand why...*sad* ;(

Due to the price, 4 dishes with the considerable okay value were chosen. One meat, two vege and a beancurd. While waiting for the food, we played with the camera for a bit. Just a bit... And here I will present you the 5 working class women and a student (which is me).
The Hotties: Sow Ling and Meng Li, Hui Ying and Me, Sherine and Celia

IT's nice to have a gathering now and then to keep the updates of people around you and the updates for the people that you dont know or updates of some long lost friends, especially when they dont stay in the same country as you. Nice, huh? So there are much to talk about and, of course, the type of job that you are working and the environment. If I were to group them altogether, I would say it's more like updates and gossips. Well, girls what....what do you guys out there expect...I guess guys will also be more or less the same just that they prefer to do it in a bar where you can have a gulp down a few bottles of beer while playing pool..or at mamak place eating your pratas or nasi lemak...

As usual, a food craze like me will take their pics before I gobbled them down my stomach. Maybe as a memories before they ended up to nothing. Ehem..ehem.. Ok sit back and relax... Here I present you the first dish:-

Deep fried Crispy Chicken

When this is delivered to the table, well, I guess, it looks good however disappointing from taste point of view. I do agree that the chicken is tender and the outer layer of the flour is crispy. But I expect something more from a well-established restaurant. Covering the chicken with mayonaise??!!! *Poing~~* The chicken is totally ruin. You cant really taste the taste of the chicken except the mayonaise. You will concentrate on the mayo rather than the chicken itself. Well, first impression not impressive. The price and the worth of eating doesnt tally.... *Thumbs down* I would prefer if they marinade the chicken a little and make some sour and spicy sauce or mayo separately. I think this will enhance the importance of the chicken more. Well, that's my point of view ^_^

Claypot Beancurd Blackbean
This dish doesnt really impress me either. I guess it's the best if no salt or oyster sauce is added as the blackbean sauce is salty enough to cover the taste. However, the tofu texture is good enough. Soft and smooth (others "zi char" stall can do that). And they charge us for 21SGD where you can get this at about 10SGD at the "zi char". Probably the ambience maintenance cost a bomb and that's why they need to recuperate through the food they are selling. At least with a simple dish, it was able to make people feel the satisfaction. However, I dont feel the satisfaction in the first two dishes. I guess if they could make the Tung Loks homemade tofu (with extra addition of spices or whatsoever).... I think that will be a great selling point for this rather than just get a soft tofu from market. This is disappointment number two...*sigh*...after the second dish I dont look forward for the third and fourth dish.

3 Baked Wild Fungus

Wild fungus ... eh ... wild fungus ... ehhh ....wild fungus??!!! ~Ping pong~ Where are they??!! Aside from a few pieces here and there and a few strand here and there, I can see a large portion of brocolly and pumpkin. Talking about the pumpkin, it's uncooked. You still can taste the rawness of the pumpkin and it doesnt really goes well with the baked cheese! Totally off!! However, if the pumpkin were to cooked till it soften, it doenst match either. Either pumpkin. If the brocolli can be arrange around the plate, it will look good with the baked mushrooms inside. I guess that will taste better. Rather than just using cheese probably with a little mixture of mushrooms soup (not too much). I think it will taste better in comparison.

Kailan with Garlic
Anyone can basically do this and what the heck!! We paid 27SGD just for this!!Gosh!! We are really experiencing how high class and rich people are eating. We are really eating gold (represents money). How could this happen??? It's okay to have this vegetable but at least not garlic. Put some dried scallop (where it doesnt cost much if you buy those imported from China). If to enhance the taste better Japanese dried scallop will be the best since this taste sweeter and the texture is better. This will definitely change the image of this vegetables and you get better impression for people who dine in for the quality of food rather than the quantity that we are given. Human are always like that they prefer cheap and fresh stuff. If both cant be provided at least either one and not neither one. I do hope there are improvements in the futures. Live up the name of the Signatures thingy~ I believe this is do-able

Overall, the food taste ranging from so-so to okay. Nothing special though. Maybe their signature dishes are not those that we ordered. But definitely this is a place catering for high end consumer and not for consumer like us. *Sad*Sad*Sad* I may got beaten (*ping*pow*piang*) for the critism that I made. Sorry if I offended anyone, I just want to put out my earnest point of view and thoughts on the food. The only thing that I cant lie is the taste of the food. However, I dont cook well but I appreciate food if enough effort is being put in. The food are just too commercialized I guess. There is no sense of connection between the chef and the eaters. Just imagine if you were to cook for the love ones, the food will naturally taste good no matter how simple it is. It's a matter of heart *fainted* probably I watched too many animes. Hahahahaha a bit -sot-

Alrite, it's again very late and it has way passed my beauty sleep again. Wrinkles, freckles, face texture sagging, panda eyes, eyebags are all coming to get me. Ok folks enjoy reading and blogging. Thanks for dropping by again ^_^.



CF Kwong said...

ah this is the reasons when you told me that you are doing your make-up to go out... ber"joli" with your friends in the food heaven hahaha... I guess you can become a host in the food talk show :P

Ee Ling said...

Hahaha yeap..become host in the food talk show? cannot la...will kena shoot later...only know how to criticise but dont know how to cook hahaha

Hengki said...

Hello there... i know its a bit too late to give comment here... BUT 27SGD for Kailan wif Garlic is a bit too very Expensive Ritee.. hahaha

Ee Ling said...

No worries always welcome! YEAH I DO TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!


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