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Pasta...pasta...yum yum

This is my first home made pasta using slow cooker. It taste good (although I didnt make the sauce myself ... WAHAHAHA). Those who are lazy to cook can try this out.

Bell pepper, chicken breast (cubed), brocolli (cut to any sizes you like), dolmio pasta sauce (mushrooms) (according to how creamy you want it to be), cheddar cheese or kraft cheese (whichever you like)

Dump everything except brocolli into slow cooker. Cook in low for 6-8 hours or high 1.5-2 hours.
Then, add in brocolli and cook for 15-20mins in high. When done, pour the sauce onto the pasta of your choice. Lay a piece or two pieces of cheese on top.

If you are not eating it immediately, microwave it before you eat. And they will look like this -->

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