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Sunday: Working day, lonely day ++ The Law of Eating Lesson

Ever wonder how does a university looks like when it comes to Saturday and Sunday? Well, yeah, basically they are just empty. Sigh... Either hanging out with friends, dating, lazing or "pia-ing" (working very hard on something for those who doesnt understand this term) in rooms for games, assignments, exam, bla..bla..bla... What am I doing in school?! Good question folks. To work of course. A lot of deadlines are drawing near and the work seems to progress even slower than a snail crawling pace. Aih.... I guess that's the life for most research students here. Gotta keep on moving and rolling~~ Fighting! Aja! Aja!

It's a bit drizzling today. At first, I intended to go to Engineering canteen to get my lunch but sadly, the stall, which I think it will be operating was close. Close...close?...CLOSE???!!! Sienz 1/2 cos I have to walk to Arts canteen to get my lunch. Lesson learnt: remember to dabao from outside on Sunday. Else you will have to walk extra miles just to get your food.

Boring me with a little of self-craze start to snap pictures here and there with my Sony Ericsson K660i. Just look at those pics those places that are normally crowded during weekdays are totally empty. One good thing is the internet traffic is very very smooth cos I am listening to the latest Jay's album - "Capricorn"(my zodiac sign .. hahaha) ... "Syiok sendiri" (indulging in self admiration) again... tsk...tsk...tsk

Then, starting to feel a little amuse, I took a few pics of myself with my little grey-blue umbrella. The drizzling makes self-picture taking a little difficult. However, I still manage to snap a few hehehe... *kacha*kacha* (the sounds of camera when you snap pics)

Me and my nerdy look; Me and my non-speky look; Me and my sleepy look (cos not enough sleep...*sad*. This reminds me of a very old hokkien song names "The Little Umbrella". The lyrics goes like this:-

-Both of us sharing one little umbrella, No matter how heavy the storm is, I will take care of you and you will take care of me-

Sweet, heh? Kirh..kirh...kirh... (*sinister laugh*). But where is my "The One"?? I wonder...

I proceed my journey to Arts canteen and you get to see more people walking here and there. Good sign ... cos it indicates that the canteen is open. Although there is only two stalls it's more than enough. And my favourite stall ... the Sichuan stall is opened!! Yay!! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

I got myself a Shredded Pork with Vegetable Pickles. Besides, I added some fried dried chillies. Sichuan food doesnt taste as good if this kind of chilli is not there! It's magical sauce cos any Sichuan food just taste much better with the presence of this chilli. Basically, this dish consists of the pickles, bell pepper and pork. It just taste superb with the combination of the three. Maybe I should try making myself using slow cooker version. Hehehe....For them I think they just fry all the three together and let it simmer for a while.

HOT!!: The Law of Eating
Time to eat!! Have you ever wonder what is the Law of Eating? Ehem..ehem.. ok listen to the crapper now... ;P ... The law of eating is to combine your eyes (appearance), your nose (smell) and your taste bud (taste). Normally, this is what I do before indulging myself in food.

Look at the food. If the food attracts you to it. If you aint attracted to the food, it means that later you wont be enjoying the food that you are going to eat. And this is a disrespect to the food!! So respect the animals and veggies that sacrifice themselves for us!! When you start to appreciate the food, the food will in return appreciate and respect you. So do respect the food, kayz? ;D

When both of the food and your eye meets, time to smell. Yes, smell... close your eyes and indulge yourself in the aroma that is being released out from the food. Does the aroma makes your mouth watery? Or they make your eyes watery? Try to imagine how does it going to taste like.
Lastly and the most important, the TASTE!! ITADAKIMASU~~ and GOCHISO-SAMA. Always remember to thank for having such a great meal. This is something that I respect the Japanese!! They do really respect the food and the cook well. *Salute*salute*

Take Home Message for the ANOREXIC (pengz??!! - *fainted*)
Food is something to enjoy and NOT a torture. The RIGHT eating attitude will make a person shine in confidence too. Too thin wont make you shine beautifully cos you will definitely look DULL and UNHEALTHY. So dont feel bad or sinful when you are indulging yourself in good food! Good food wont make you fat!!


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Hey pal, you really got nothing to do ... :P hahaha


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