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It's Saturday once again

It's Saturday morning again. My normal routine would be jogging at West Coast Park in the morning. To maintain my weight I would say. Normally, I will just leave my phone at home but today I took my phone along just to snap a few pics for as a starters for my blog. I realize that pictures just add some sparks for the blog (at least for me ;P) - A picture can represents a thousand words - sounds familar? Hahaha well it's a quote that is always used by paparazi (oops! no offence). The weather is hot today but it's windy. I kinda like it rather than having a totally motionless cloudy day. It will just make you feel boring all day long. At least the weather is good for a start. After sweating out, I decided to linger around the park for a moment before I go home. Of course, not forgetting my objective, I snapped a few flowers which I find interesting. The lilies appear very white under the hot sun. They just gave me a pure and elegant feeling. Too irresistible for me not to notice them. This is another one. I don't really know what they are. Different from the lilies, they gave me a feeling of cute and refreshing. How could I not notice the beauty of those small little things around me. Hmm... I should ponder and notice them more. It's just so refreshing just by starting to notice stuff around you. Probably, previously I am just to focus on the things that have been messing around my brain. Jumping out from the brain and look at something different makes me even more refreshing and determine to move on forward by not worrying things that I shouldn't be worrying. Things won't change the way you want them to be no matter how hard you think about it. Those little things never worry and yet they blossom so well under any circumstances. As long as the sun still shines, it's not the end of the world no matter what! I have run through the same track several times and today is the first time I notice it's a morning glory plants rather than a bush of leaves (which I always thought they were). I guess the town planner just doesnt want the kids to fall into the sea. Just some introduction to West Coast Park, this park is a park facing the sea but the sea is just too commerciallized. Cos you cant really play with the water. Why? Just take a look at the following pics. There are cruise stops and some private yatch (since it's very near Singapore Yatch Club) and some cargos around.

However, I just found something unsightly at the park. People should be more responsible. Yes, it's a park but please don't litter especially plastic bottles since they hardly biodegrade. You are not the only living things in the earth. Please think of others more (not only human). Gosh!!Alrite, alrite, I better stop the nag else people will get too bored reading haha.
Another thing I love to do during weekend is to cook myself a good meal ;D. Went to Shengsiong to get the required ingredients. Here goes my lunch and dinner. Hehehehehehe... It's an easy to cook meal. It requires you less than half an hour to prepare all these three. Don't believe? Try it! And those who are interested take a pen and a piece of paper. Try it on your own.

One Pot Rice
This is my self-designed one pot rice. Ahem, ahem. Now listen to the teacher...;P...
Cooking ware: Crockpot/Slow cooker
Ingredients: Cabbage, carrot, corn, brown rice (Just add as much or as little as you like as long as you dont waste the food) - cut them into various sizes as you like..after all cooking is something base on your six sense, a little imagination and your heart...
Steps: Put in rice (water just nicely covered the rice) --> carrots --> cabbage --> Cover and cook in high for 1.5 to 2 hours.
SO set your timing well so that you wont go hungry waiting for the food to be ready. You can just eat it like that if you are lazy to prepare other stuff. It may be tasteless. But fear not just add in some chicken stock instead of water in step one or eat them with "sambal" after cooked. This is a very light meal and it's good for those who wishes to diet healthily (I am one of them! hahahaha)
Korean salad
This is the easiest to prepare and you can keep for about two or three days in the fridge fresh!! I got this recipe from Kimchi Mamas.
Ingredients: Spinach, soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil
Steps: This is a bit troublesome but still they were easy.
Clean your vege and break them into sizes that you want --> Boil them till cooked --> Cool them to room temperature --> Squeeze the water retaining in the vege --> Separate them into small portion --> Mix the portion with sesame oil and seeds before complete mixing them together Refrigerate if you are not consuming them immediately. Reheat is not required, however, if you dont like to eat them cold then just place them on top of the hot steaming cooked rice in the crockpot.

Minced pork tofu steamed egg
This is a modification from Lee Kum Kee's recipe.
Cooking ware: Rice Cooker (for steaming purposes)
Ingredients: Minced pork, fresh mushrooms (diced), tofu (cubed)
Marinade: Soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil
Steps: Mix pork and mushrooms (P+M) --> Marinade for 15-30mins (you can do this first before preparing your rice) --> Place tofu at the bottom of a ceramic bowl --> Place the P+M mix on top of tofu --> Beat egg(s) and pour on top of them --> Slightly shake the ceramic bowl and covered it with aluminium foil to prevent the water vapour from flooding the egg --> Send for steaming about 20 to 30 minutes
Optionally you can add salt if you find it too bland. I have been restricting myself from eating too salty since I have been eating salty food at school most of the time. I need to flush out the excess sodium content. ;)
While waiting for the food to be done, I did a spring cleaning of the HDB flat. Hehehe...
Well, well, just look at the time it's already 630PM time flies. That's basically my this Saturday. It's time for piano practicing and then dinner! Enjoy your weekend folks!!
*Kisses*Hugz*Hugz*Cuddle*Cuddle* ;D


Reborn said...

Welcome! Enjoy blogging! Sometimes it's a lot easier to put our thoughts into words on paper than to say to out to another person.

Welcome, once again!

CF Kwong said...

OMG you really make me hungry hahaha...

Ee Ling said...

Yeap that's true sometimes it's easier to put on paper rather than saying it out loud.


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