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Testing 123

This is my first blog in blogspot. Previously, I will just write when there is a sudden urge of writting. But this time I would like to make this blog a bit of everything. Be it food, relationships, travels, emotions and encounters. Well, basically, pieces of my life here and there or a thought of the day be it in relation to me or not. Probably not many people will click though. Still I would like to make it a habit blogging. To put everything somewhere so that the memories will keep rolling and leaving a traces behind proving that I have lived once. Yes, life is so valuable that we live only once. Therefore, I decided to make it worthwhile for myself and my beloved ones. So everyone in da house, show me your guidance. Yoroshiku!! ^^


CF Kwong said...

Let me be the first one to honour your blog pal... hahaha... nice layout !!

Ee Ling said...



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