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Positive and Negative Story

Went back home to Batu Pahat (my hometown) during the weekend. It's soooo nice to be home. Just love it!!! At home, my brother tell me something about positive and negative story. Here goes the story:-
Last time when mommy and daddy were young. Both of them were thin. My brother gave the thin sign as negative. And he said therefore, my elder sister when she was born become a positive denoting that she is fat (my sis is not fat just a little plum that's all). But my brother just wanted to play prank on both of us. Then, he carried on his story. After some years, mommy got a little bit fatter and daddy still maintain his thinness and therefore, he denoted them as a little positive (negative value is still there) and negative, respectively. So when I was born I became sometimes positive and sometimes negative (fluctuating according to time). When his turn arrive, mommy has gain quite a sum of weight and daddy still maintain the same. So it becomes, very negative due to mommy's weight gain. The end result was he became very thin.
I broke into laughter when I heard this. He is really ... sigh ... I just wonder why cant he put all his mischievious and weird ideas into his studies!! That's really a ... sigh .... speechless.... sometimes I cant really out talk him......... Really dont know what to do with him *sweat* However, because of him, the house is really merry and happy. My mom will always said when 3 of you are together it's as if the house is having 10 kids no matter how old we are. I wonder whether it's a good thing or a bad thing Hahahhahahaha....

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