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Good Japanese Restaurant at Batu Pahat

It takes me like forever to update this post in school. The internet just keep disconnected whenever I uploaded the pictures as if I am uploading something X-rated. Sigh... This means that I must work when at school ... not deviating my focus into something else. Very good ....

Went back home to Batu Pahat last weekend to celebrate mum's birthday. Actually, it's two weeks late though. Sorry mum... but she didnt mind. I brought her to one of the Japanese Restaurant located at Jalan Jenang. The shophouses behind the row of shophouses opposite the bus terminal. The ambience of the restaurant is very good. Not to be expected in a place called Batu Pahat. Totally unexpected!! That's the signboard of that shop. To be precise, it's the same row as the Ang Ku Kueh shop called Xin xin.

This is how the main entrance of the restaurant looks like. Build something similar to the style in Japan.

This is how the inside of the restaurant looks like. Nice heh? It's as if you are sitting on the floor to eat. Just like how Japanese eat their food at home ... Hehehehhe...

I asked the waitress to help us to take a family photo. Too bad elder sis wasnt home. So lack of her. SOrry ya sis ... paiseh.... we have to go without you cos it takes you ages to come home. I know I know you are really busy since you are the PA of the minister. Hahhahaha...

While waiting for the food to be served, I was snapping around with my handphone camera. See how lovely mommy and daddy together. Although they bicker a lot, still they love for each other. Hahahhahahaha... mum's face gone red hahahahhahahahaha ... I just love to tease her and dad together. To see how her face turn red as if she has just started going out with dad ... Hehehehehe .. .mischievious me...

Next is my brother. Not too bad looking chap. But I never once tell him on his face that he is good looking. He will be too proud of that. =P
Then my brother took picture on me too. I insisted and my brother said, "Dont be such a narcissist!!!" I gave him a punchy look and he just turn his eyes away hahahahhaha... I love to tease him too and at the same way, he loves making fun of me a lot. But not as much as my elder sis (we called her Da Jie).

Finally the food were to be served. Let's prepare the cultleries well before we eat. And we have to say "Itadakimasu~~"

First dish out is Chuka Hotake. Scallop mixed with vinegar. Nice and refreshing!!

Second, one of my favourite is Adegashi Tofu. Crispy at the outside and soft from the inside. The sauce was not too salty and sweet too.. Just love it!!
This is the Kimuchi Hotpot - basically kimchi with micellaneous vegetables and chicken. Just nice for 4 persons and even 5. This is awesome!! Sour and spicy! Yummy!!!

Fourth that come is Tonkatsu Ramen. Pork ribs and big bones were used to make the soup. Very very very tasty. The taste is just right man. And the char siew is awwwwwwwww so soft and goood. Well seasoned too... Love it soooooooooo much!!! Okawari kudasai!!!
My taboo dish! The soft shell crab sushi. Although I am allergic to seafood, still cant resist but to take one of it to try. Totemo oiiishi!!!!

Brother and daddy ordered the same bento dish. Salmon bento. Taste very good. The salmon was juicier in comparison to the Ajisen in Batu Pahat. Taste way much better. Therefore, I told my dad that if next time he wants to buy salmon, remember to buy from this shop and not the Ajisen sushi... This is really very good. In this bento, it comprises of a salad, water melon, miso soup, a bowl of rice and chawamushi. All really taste good! Definitely on par or even better when compare to Sakae Sushi in Singapore.
Last and the best to arrive is the mixed tempura. The have ebi and vegetables tempura. Mom loves this the best while well dad normally will not have much comment on the food. It's like the tempura you can find in any Japanese restaurant.

Glad that mom and dad enjoyed the food very much! Brother always loves japanese food. So not surprise at all that he loves it! I paid for this meal. Well, it's expensive indeed where mom and dad kept grumbling for bringing them to such an expensive restaurant bla..bla..bla... If we were to eat something else, we can eat for about 2-3 meals in a very good chinese restaurant. But it's only something that I can do in return for their favour in bringing me up and giving me the best that they could to mould what I am today. Letting them eat something they have never eaten and would never ever try if they are on their own (cos it's too ex). What I have done is really insignificant! I told him it's not that everytime we eat out like this. Only when we are back home or they went to KL. So no worries about that..... we can save on something and spend on them. Just do my best as I could to let them lead a better life ^_^ cos they have been into all the hardships when they were young. It's time for them to have a better life!!

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Leonard Loh said...

Hey! The japanese restaurant looks really really good. I need to blog a japanese restaurant soon too!


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