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Ishi Mura, North Point Shopping Complex, Yishun

I was like having a two straight days of Japanese food. Lucky me!! ^_^. I came back to Singapore on Sunday afternoon. I always wanted to go and Shalom was very niceeeeeee!! He suggested to go to Northpoint since he hadnt been there before. So we decided to go walk around Northpoint and see if there is anything interesting. Similar to all other shopping mall, they have everything they have got. Their situation is more or less similar to Jurong Point. Upgraded to a bigger shopping mall while preserving the old one. Hmm.. interesting. It's still under construction though. This is how the entrance of Ishi Mura looks like.
Ishi Mura is a Japanese type of food court. The price range from SGD3.90 to about SGD15 if I dont remember wrongly. Not very expensive. Affordable and you can get a quite good ambience of the place too. It's like totally bring you into different type of dimension. Love the decor!! You can find a lot of cooked type of Japanese food like omu rice, bento, ramen, japanese pasta, okonomiyaki, tempura, etc. But they dont have takoyaki here though. Definitely taste far way much better than the Japanese restaurant (the one that have ajisen, okonomiyaki restaurant and another one i cant remember what is that), in vivo city.
They are having the open kitchen type of concept. Therefore, you will know what the chef is doing *sinister grins* so you will know what goes into your stomache hehehehehhehe.... i wont elaborate more here. YOu can use your imagination on this hahahahaa

Bought three stuff. Salmon omurice for myself. Why salmon out of the many cos I love salmon the best!!!! If there is salmon, I will definitely go for it. Cant resist salmon. Cabbage okonomiyaki for sharing and of course, Shalom all time favourite, Kare Rice~~ Hahahahahha
Salmon omu rice taste good for the first half. But for the second half you will get bored of it due to its sauce I think. Too heavy somehow. But still I love the salmon. Hehehehhehe... the first thing to finish is the salmon hahahahahhahaha

Next is Shalom's Kare Rice. The taste are similar to what I have cooked last time. Dont believe? Shalom can be my witness hahahahaha just that my gravy were much thicker than theirs. Theirs are too watery though~~ The tempura was nice but not as nice as the one in Batu Pahat Japanese restaurant. Kekekekeke ....

Last is the cabbage okonomiyaki. Taste okay not superbly good that kind. Probably because both of us are too full. So cant really taste the best out of it. Hahahhahahaha...

Overall, this food court is not a bad one to go to for food lovers. Can try a lot of Japanese main dish at the same time. I love it though. But sharing is required. Thanks for Ah Lom for bringing me there. Hehehhehe... Arigatou na~~ (>_^)

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