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Conference, Ginza, Shibuya

I didnt travel much my third to fourth day in Japan. Cos I was having my conference. Those were the typical breakfast in Japan. The onigiri cost about 140 yen (1-2SGD) for one. I chose raw salmon onigiri. Amazingly there was no fishy smell on the onigiri although it's raw. Very tasty. The taste of the vinegar (mizkan) was not to sour as what you get in other places. Totemo oishii desu!!

Then we got this multiple onigiri for 680 yen plus some side dishes. Delicious!!

This is the conference hall that I attended. It's known as Funabori Tower Hall, Tokyo.

The conference lunch. Unlike other conferences, you get only lunch. No teabreaks! I got hungry in about two hours. Sad. However, the meal was nice ^_^

Those pics taken at Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku area during the day were from my sis camera. I didnt join them due to my conference. While the night pics were from me. Yes, we went there again to search for our okonomiyaki+monjayaki restaurant! Yay!
Ginza area pics ....

Those were at Shibuya area (including Harajuku).

This is the okonomiyaki+monjayaki restaurant that I am talking about!! This restaurant is really nice and delicious!!! Even the salad taste so good. I think majorly due to the freshness of the ingredients while partially the sauce that you used to cook the thing. By looking around, I guess we were the most messiest table in the restaurant. Although, it was a self-served restaurant, the boss cant really stand the way we cook it. And when he was not noticing on our table, we will mask away our messy cook state by shoving all the "unsuccessful" cooking art into the waste beside the hot plate!
OK now let the chef start cooking!!Of course we had the famous okonomiyaki. The ingredients inside this okonomiyaki consist of a mixture of bacon, seafood, meat, egg, constarch and cabbage that is mixed together. This was the okonomiyaki me and mummy created! She cooked first half while I cooked second half. Then my sis doesnt like half cooked egg, so she put the egg on the hot plate for pan-frying. Great okonomiyaki!!!!
Then we saw the next next table noodles and we decided to try a mixed one too (meat and seafood mixture). But too bad this is too salty. On other tables, they only used less than a quater of the sauce and for us, the sauce just disappear into halves! Guess what, the noodles were tooooooooooooooooooo salty. We had no choice but to ask the boss to give us a glass of water. Then when he turned away, we pour the water onto the noodles and it made the noodles taste so good after a few times of washing. I guess the boss must be shaking his head and hope we never return to his shop hahahahaha ... cos we mess up the place and used up most of the sauce that he supplied. However, amazingly, those customers from other table just didnt really care on how you do your cooking. In Singapore or Malaysia, people will just look at you as if you are some alien or what .... so you dont really feel comfortable doing all the stuff that you like. But here, no matter what you do, they just do their own stuff. This is something that I like in Japan ^_^

Next we had our monjayaki. The boss really cant stand the way we mess up his ingredients. So he took over and cooked for us! And it was far more tastier than what we had cooked before! The master is still the master! Though there were much embarassment, but I really enjoyed this restaurant! And guess what it's not expensive too. I had this once at the at restaurant near Corpthorne Kings Hotel and for 4 dishes, it will cost you about 150 to 200SGD with half a portion that you get in Japan. The total amount that we spent here is only 70SGD!! You get double the portion and half the price which you definitely cant get this kind of quality and quantity in Singapore!!! Japan might be expensive at first glance, but after considering the quality and quantity of the food, it isnt really that expensive at all!

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