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Funabori - Last Day in Tokyo, Japan

This was the last day we are in Tokyo. Our next destination was Kyoto. After arriving at Funabori, we didnt really have a good look and survey on how this area looks like. Therefore, instead of travelling far (since we need to get up really early to go to Kyoto), we just loiter around Funabori area. We walked around and see what kind of shops and eateries we can find. Since Funabori is not a central area of Tokyo, after 7-8pm the road started to get quiet and lesser people around. Our first stop is this ramen shop. It is a typical ramen shop that you can see in most anime. The boss is not an old man but a young man whom had been travelling around for a few years. So he speaks a little English! That's kind of relief! Hehehehehe ... In those small shops, food are normally ordered and payed using machine. It's exactly like a vending machine with the exception that food ticket is what you got. Then, use the food ticket to exchange for your food.

THe cooking didnt take long. The most 5 minutes. The chef cant really speak English. But he asked us what kind of portion that we want for the SAME PRICE!! Small, Medium or Big. We go for the medium ones and the bowl of noodles is really big. Since we have 3 people here, we asked for two empty bowl each containing one hard boil egg. I was like WOW!!!! They really pampered us well here! The ramen taste very very very good! Although it only have a piece of charsiew with a big bunch of vegies! The spicy miso soup was great! I can still remember the taste although I was back for many weeks! And guess what it only cost us 850 yen (12-13SGD)!!!

After our ramen experience, we proceed to our next stop. A BBQ/Grilling Sake restaurant. In Japan (area which are further from the central of Tokyo), most shop close at 8pm. Not later than that. Only some shops/restaurants open later than those usual shops. It's those small eateries and grilling/bbq sake restaurant. This restaurant was operated by a beautiful obasan and her teenage daughter. It was really difficult to order. And it took us 30 mins to just order 4 dishes. Gosh! Cos we do not know what they are e.g. beef have different parts of beef which you cant really identify using pics. I just know a little of Japanese. Niku (meat) and ebi (prawn). The lady boss told me about ika. I roughly guessed that ika is in the same group as prawn but what exactly it is I dont know. Later, when the food arrive, ika is actually sotong (squid). Add another new vocab! Hehehehe ...

There was some side dish presented too. The ika taste normal. Nothing much special. BUT if you ever go to Japan, eating beef is a MUST! You must be questioning why ... because, the beef taste soooo much juicier no matter how long you grilled it on top of the charcoal. You will see the juice kept dropping onto the charcoal. In addition, with basic marination, the beef taste sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! We regretted that we asked her not to put sake as marinate. Should have done that and I think this will definitely taste waaaaaaaay much much better! Then we ordered leeks pancake. Taste plainly good and it was not oily and not thick! I like this too ^-^ ... Hmmm .. seems like I just love everything .. Hahahhaa...

Then sis wanted to eat some porridge. Porridge is plain but it was tasty! Not sure how to describe the taste though. It will make you really warm up during cold days. Lastly is our dessert. Sis got this from Ginza again as Mum wanted to get her pearls ... Since I was in conference, she bought the cake in Ginza area. I dont like the cake though. It looks nice and tasty but when you really tasted it, it's just not what i expected. The cake taste was as if it was soak in water. Maybe they have different type of cakes, sis just unfortunately got the wrong one. Hahahha ... Before we go off, the lady boss gave us chewing gum to cleanse our mouth ... Heeee ... The total bill wasnt expensive too. At most 70SGD in total. Quite a good one I would say. You will not get such a price with the same type of food and service! Good food, great service! Must remember to visit both the ramen and bbq shop if you step into Funabori!

Off we go, loitering around again. Those two buildings are most buildings you will see in Japan. A Pachinko and an arcade. The ones that we have here is Sega World. Yes, the computer games that you are always playing. We didnt go into Pachinko. Pachinko is actually a gambling machine using some metal balls. How it's play I am not too sure. But if you are interested, please follow this link
a lot of Japanese men will play here especially those white collar workers. Too stress maybe? Even the arcade is worth mentioning too. They have two floors. 1st level is more on UFO machines catcher while 2nd floor are more on computer games and jackpots. So be it adults or children, you are just attracted to here. Thus, this can serve a purpose for a family day out. Kids on the 1st level and parents on the second level. Hahahha .. .well, of course I am not encouraging gambling ... If it's just for fun, why not?

This is our favourite supermart for the first two days. The first two days we got home quite late. So most of the restaurants were closed. What we eat is the 98 yen (2 SGD) instant noodles. Even instant noodles taste soo good in Japan. The cup is 1.5 times the size of instant noodles that you get here. What's even better is there is no msg. How do I know because, you dont feel thirsty after eating two cups of noodles with the soup slurping down your stomach. Ok ok back to my supermart. This mart opens till 11pm every night! Mid autumn is near and they sell mooncakes too. See how beautifully they are designed compared to the mooncakes that we got here .... sigh .... Interestingly, after 830pm all the cooked food like sushi, fried chicken, bento, agashi tofu, etc are half priced!!! They have all sorts of variety!! Even soba noodles were sold too. So what are we waiting for ... grab la ... hahahhaa ...... the food doesnt go bad till the next morning .... really amazing ... What's even shocking is the tropical fruits that they are selling here!! It cost super duper expensive. One whole pineapple that cost 2-3SGD cos about in here, cost about SGD2.5/100grams. Imagine that. Apples, orange, cost like 10SGD for one! Coconut, durians cost even more expensive!! GULP!! My jaw dropped. A slice of fruits cost about 2SGD!!!! I was like WHAT!! So no fruits for a week. Therefore, if you are visiting your Japanese friends in Japan, you will know what to bring for them... Hahahaha

After shopping and all the paying, the cashier will put the things back into your basket. The practice here is, you have to wrap your own stuff. No one is doing wrapping service for you. I was awed! Good way is you are more responsible, bad way is more job cuts .... things most of the time have their pros and cons. We bought this fresh chrysanthemum. The petals can be taken raw as it is said to cool down heaty body during summer time. THe petals taste sweet and a little sour. But the heart of the flower taste extremely bitter. so we eat most of the petals leaving the heart. If you want to have fresh chrysanthemum tea, you can try to pour hot boiling water onto the flowers and let it sit for about 10 mins and you have a freshly made chrysanthemum!

Trips in Tokyo were enjoyable and I cant wait to share with you guys my next destination that is KYOTO!!!!!!!!!!

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