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Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto

Right after the visit to Sanjusangendo Temple, we headed to Kiyomizudera Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage spot, which is located in the same area as Sanjusangendo Temple. My sister said ,"No worries, satu batang rokok sudah sampai (only needs one cigarattes to reach in Malay language)". So heeding her advice, again we walk. And we havent had our lunch yet. The only food that we had was on the train where we bought from Daie superstore at Funabori. Then, we walk and walk. 45 mins passed and we dont even see nor smell the presence of the Kiyomizudera Temple nearby. I told my sis I cant stand anymore. I MUST EAT!!!! We bought some sushi and onigiri in a 7-eleven like store during our way there. LUUUUUUCKY!! But the problem is where to eat. There is no sitting place along the road. And we were going uphill heading towards the temple. Climb climb pant pant huff huff

Alas, we saw some curb and we just sat there unpacked our food and eat. Hunger clouded my strength to move further ....

Ok done with the eating and we resumed our journey again. Now you see there is a lot of people going up. Since the temple closes at 6pm, the moment the clock showed exactly 6, you will see a much lesser crowd than these. Most shops were closed exactly 6pm SHARP! Cant even really have time to shop for the sweets here....

The entrance to the temple.

This is the whole view of the temple. Nice right?
The interesting part of this temple is, the basement/structure that supports this temples are only woods. No nails no cement to pile a few storeys high up. And it can stand for like a few hundred years without collaspsing. That's just simple amazing!

In this temple, you will see a lot of youngsters too, especially, young girls will dress up in yukata. If you are lucky, you are able to get a few snaps of those little girls too. All you need to do is ASK!! The main purpose is to visit this love stone and pray for your love life or get some guidance for those who are still single ^_^

Then, of course, me and sis try to pray in the Japanese way. Very fun, refreshing and interesting!! Hee....

We next tried the spring water that is pumped a few hundred meters from ground. The water is simply delicious by itself! No treatment nothing. Just purely groundwater!! Taste really great and cooling too *Grins*

What amazed me was, all the containers used to collect the water are disinfected with UV. Even in temple they are so particular about hygiene. What more in other part of Japan?

Finally, our trail of the temple ended. On our way back, we bought some local delicacies that were still open. All taste really tasty and fresh!! First, we had three different pieces of grilled rice cakes.

Next we went into a black sesame shop. They basically sell stuffs that are made from black sesame. Mochi, tea, rice cakes, ice cream, etc. .... We bought two. One was the ice-cream and another one is "I-do-not-know-what" sweets. Yummy yummy yum and munchy munchy munch!!

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