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It's a bit too late, but I guess it's ok (I hope...)

I was browsing through the pictures of this year. And how can I not blog about Chinese New Year in my family. I really feel "tak patut" (means shouldn't be that way in Malay). Although a bit late but never mind la ... it's sometimes better late than never =P (excuses ..... $#@!&%) CNY was an occasion where all the family members get together. Talking and of course the most important is EATING!!!! This year reunion dinner was sort of rush as mom and dad plus bro were busy picking me up from JB and then Sis from KL. It was really a hectic reunion dinner day. So I will start my journey on the first day of CNY ^_^

First Day of CNY
These few years of CNY in the paternal side of the family was not as complete as the past few years. Yes, our grandfather was not here with us anymore to celebrate CNY. He has parted with this world and join another paradise. We mourned for about 3 years and it was about three years ago that we have CNY. Meaning we resume the ang pow (red packet) giving and receiving time hehehehhehe ... since I am not married, I am still consider a kid and therefore, ang pow is something that I wont be missing hehehehehe ....

Another thing that we have not been missing every single year is the A-ma's (Grandmother) Mee Sua (Longetivity noodles). Every year, no matter how her health is, she will definitely cook this noodles. For the past few years A-ma has been wheel-chaired since she fractured her pelvic bone. Though a metal plate was inserted, she cant really walk. She can walk a few steps and her pelvic bone will start to hurt. So she is wheel-chaired now. However, that didnt stop her from making this noodles. Of course she is instructing the maid to do that ..... she cant even stand for like 5 minutes!! This noodles is totally a vegetarian noodles. The soup was of black fungus, nappa cabbage, shitake mushrooms and dried flower's buds/petals. Noodles are cooked separately and was mixed with oil (or else they will stick together if they were left long enough). And the most important is the seaweed. This seaweed was not deep fried, but pan fried with oil and salt. This taste really and superbly good. I will always have 2-3 bowls of this noodles every year!!! Cos you get only to eat this once a year.... hahahahhahahahaa....

After the visit from A-ma's house, it's dinner time again. So we hop into any restaurants that was opened that night. Well, lucky enough that Ocean was opened out of so many that were closed. They only offered package meals. Well, fair enough .... First up was of course the never miss Yee Sang (Raw fish representing alive again). This dish signifies to bring prosperity, wealth and to wash away bad luck of the past year. So we will mix the ingredients together with chopstick and at the same time we will say something good or something that we wish for loud and clear. The higher your chopstick are when mixing the better .... so normally the kids will just spill everything out from the plate and it ends up only half of it left in the bowl. I wont really blog each dish one by one ... cos it will be too lengthy. But overall the food was really great despite the many people that they have in the house. Satisfactory reached!!

This sharkfin with crab meat (of course not the real sharkfin is used ... normally it is a synthetic ones judging from the price of the menu )

A-BA-LO-NE dont be too happy just yet .... MUSHROOMS!!! with brocolli

Fried prawn balls with some crispy donno what .... top with some mayonnaise

Thai-style steamed red garoupa. Taste really good and the fish was very very very fresh!!!

Lotus rice. We found that we cant finish all .. .so we daboa this rice.

Then of course a family photo that cant be missed!!!

The meal was really great and my gastronomical tract was very satisfied. Hehehehehehee......

Second day of CNY
Second day was maternal A-ma's day. So here mum was the main cook for this year. Cos all these years Da-Yi (Big Aunt) was always the one to cook. So this year she relieve a bit for the second day though she was still cooking for the first day, skipped the second day and the rest of the days of CNY. My this Da-Yi is really a all-rounder. She cooks, she bakes, she tailors, she cuts hair, she paints, .. everything you name it and most of the time she was able to do it. However, due to the age that was catching up with her, she cant do that many things at a time anymore. But I still do salute her for being able to paint the WHOLE semi-detached house all by herself!!! Quite impressive heh?! OK ok back to the story, since mum was the main cook, how can the assistant sit idly doing nothing. So of course have to help also lor .... See the proof? We were making "Sempoa dish - a Hakka dish" But too bad we forgot San-Yi (Third Aunt) is married to a Hakka ... hahahhahahahaha .... the dish didnt turn out very well ... so erk ... ..... of course got commented ......

Da-Yi's acar. She is a good acar maker. The acar she makes taste much better than those native in Malaysia. Oh ya oh ya also her sambal .... I am salivating now ... *Gulp* really can beat those that you can get on the shopping mall saying they are the best seller .... they really cant be compared ... Trust me!! She cooks good nasi lemak too but due to the unhealthiness of this food, she doesnt want to cook nasi lemak anymore.... sad .... Back to the acar, this dish is always selling like hot cakes during CNY but too bad I am not a big fan of acar. Hahahhaa .. I dont really like sour stuff. Even tomatoes I will opt for cherry tomatoes ...

Stew sea cucumber. Also another Da-Yi's specialty. Me not a fan of sea-cucumber too but it has the best nutrition for the skin. So must take at least a bit for the sake of my skin hahahahaha ...

Tua-Kim's (Aunty Hoon - First Uncle's Wife) speacialty. Our home made Yee Sang. Taste better than those selling in restaurants ^_^

another Da-Yi's specialty. Every year a must have!! It's an hot item too. Cannot miss. If she doesnt make this people will go around bugging her to do or flood her with a lot of questions why ...

Mum's specialty ... boiled vegetables. Mum is a very good cook in healthy food. Most of my recipes idea come from her. As every week without failing, she will tell me which kind of food is healthy and to sustain youth, what kind of nutrition that it contains and which kind of food that cannot combine together so as it will suppress the positive effect of the food to our body.

Boiled brocolli topped with this time REAL A-BA-LO-NE!!!

And of course before starting anything, we have to family pictures la. My maternal side of the family with cousins. Quite a big family ya .... hehehehehehehee

Time to Lou Hei (Mixing the Yee Sang) .... HUAT HUAT HUAT AHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oops I accidentally deleted the pics ... sorry folks!! I hope you are not too tired reading it as this is REALLY A LONG ONE!!!

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