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Brotzeit Bier Bar and Restaurant - German Bar

Ate at this German Bar last Friday night. It is located at B1 level of Vivocity (facing sentosa). Got this restaurant while we were searching on the directory. The moment we reached the main door of this restaurant, there was a long queue and this is an indicator stating that this is a good restaurant. Not long we queued, another big group of people join in the queue. Waiting for the table is long. I think we waited for about 30 mins before we got our seats facing sentosa. Although there is no aircond outside, it is really romantic. Dimly lighted with the table candles and some lights from other restaurants around it. It's a very good dating ground ^_^

While waiting, as usual, photography time!!! Found this pic interesting so decided to post it here. Look at my sexy neck ... hahahahhaha ... oh yeah~

Below was the special's of that particular day. At first, we decided to try but later we saw a sausages platter for two plus a dessert. We were afraid that it might be too much. That's why we decided not to try this one.

The sausages menu. This restaurant has alll sorts of sausages. I wonder how it will really taste ... hmmmm .....

Then, next was the decision for the menu. Hmm... what shall we eat?

After ordering our food, we fool around with camera again. But a lot of pictures turned out blur ... so unable to share with you guys ... sorry ya ~

#Dish: German sausages for two
They have five kinds of sausages here. Sour cabbage and some lettuce and tomato for decoration. 3 kinds of sauce were given to us. Mustard, chilli sauce and apple sauce. The sausages were really GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!! I really love the taste of it. There were soft sausages and hard ones. With assorted taste. All of them have different taste. Really taste good! It totally taste different from all the franks that you get from the supermarket! It's a worth trying restaurant. Hmmm .. hope to try something else next time ... hehehehehe ... A worth going restaurant!

#Dessert: Apple Strudel

This is apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream. I dont really fancy vanilla .. I still prefer chocolate. At first, we wanted to go for chocolate cake (my favourite) but seems that we were full so cant really make much space for it. Therefore, go for apple strudel. Before taking the bite, I imagined that the strudel must be really sweet. But to my surprise, no sweet was added at all!!! This really suit me as I dont really like sweet stuffs. The fillings were full of apples! I think they stuff one or two apples into it. Then, they wrapped it with the skin. I think it will taste well with the ice-cream but I didnt do that hahahahahha ... due to my dislike towards vanilla ... I LOVE the strudel though!

Just look at Shalom's face ... He really enjoyed this dessert very much!!

Thanks Shalom for such a GREAT meal! Greatest in my 28 years of my life!! The food is definitely worth the money that you are paying! Worth a try!! Happy trying ^_^

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