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Slow Ageing and Slimming Dessert (2)

Hi folks! As a sequel from my first slow ageing and slimming dessert, I am introducing the second slow ageing, slimming and super duper tasty dessert (at least to me ,.... ^_^)! Previously, it was snow fungus. This time, it is winter melon *Grins*. Let's see what's the benefits of winter melon before I moved on to my recipe.
  • Promotes cell growth and rejuvenation, therefore, you will have a smooth skin
  • Get rid of toxin from kidney and liver. Toxin in the body makes you aged faster than you expect it to be.
  • Helps body maintaining its temperature especially from now till October which is a very hot period in Singapore/Malaysia.
  • Improves blood circulation, this carries oxygen more efficiently throughout the body
  • Enhances our body immune system, a very good source for cold prevention.
  • Since it contains high content of Vitamin C, it induces the collagen production that makes the skin supple and smooth. In addition, Vit C helps in removing the cholesterol levels in your blood stream.
  • A great anti-oxidant (beta-carotene and Vit C) that repairs cells to prevent wrinkles as well as protection from sun.
  • Stress and fatigue reliever (Vit B1, B2 and B12).
  • Reduces water retention, which is a good way in slimming down if you have water retention problem.

It's a great choice and a very cheap way in getting pretty and healthy. Talking about it, I have not been eating this for a long time. Recently, my focus is on my beany meany and the snow fungus. Hmm ... I think I need to buy this melon and make them into soup so that I can have it for lunch. Else I will be A-G-E-I-N-G due to the stress, fatigue and my late night sleep!! Gosh!!!! I do not want to become and O-L-D H-A-G after I finish my PhD. Nooooooooo!!!

In addition to winter melon, I will add in lotus seed. My favourite!! You can easily get the dried lotus seed from TCM but you will need to soak overnight and remove the lotus heart which is a pain in the ass. Lotus heart taste very bitter. I dont think you will like it. Or alternatively, you can get a packet of fresh lotus seed if you have one around your area ^_^. Benefits of lotus seed include:

  • Strengthen bones and teeth as they contains high content of calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
  • It also promotes blood clotting (Vit K? cant remember) if you have an open wound.
  • Contains high amount of phosphorus that helps in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats effectively. Helps in slimming.
  • Maintain the acidity balance of our body at the right pH.
  • As you grow older, definitely you do not wish to get senile dementia. Regular consumption helps to improves memory and work efficiency as you gets older.
  • It also helps to stop diarrhea and improves sleep (for those who are behaving like a nocturnal animal, you can try this rather than eating sleeping pills. but of course, the effects may be slow since it needs time to regulate your body)

OK enough with the benefits and all. Let's go to the preparation stage of this dessert. Preparation work is as simple as ABC.

What you need

  • Winter melon (1 inch slice)
  • Lotus seed (20-30)
  • Red dates (based on your preference)
  • Wolfberry (based on your preference)
  • Honey sugar

How to do (Simplest task ever)

  • Wash those that need to be washed and placed them into the slow cooker except honey sugar.
  • Fill the water to your liking. (I love a lot of water!! It taste superb especially when it's chilled)
  • Cook at low for 8 hours (cos I normally do this at night) or 4 hours at high. Or if you are using stove 1-2 hours is more than enough (medium fire). But slow cooker or crockpot (some who called it) is the best as it retains the water and it's hassle free.
  • Lastly, add in the honey sugar (the amount is according to your preference).

It can be your breakfast, it can be your dessert and it can even be your supper. It's a great, simple and cheap dessert! Happy trying *wink* and I am off to bed.

Good night folks *kisses* and *hugz*

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