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Osaka Castle, Osaka

Sashiburi ... it's been a while since I wrote the last trip in Kyoto. The Nishiki Food Market. Today, I will blog about my last trip in Japan, i.e. Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle was built during the Tokugawa era (the shogun era). It was quite a majestic view of the castle. The first initial built castle was burnt and this was rebuilt abuot hundred years ago, if i dont remember wrongly. They have a fish that possess dragon head on the top of the castle. This is to prevent any misfortune to befall the castle again. The visit of this castle will give you a feeling that you time travel back to the Tokugawa era. The steps were quite high cos horses will gallop on it to reach the top of the castle.

To visit the inner part of the castle, you will need to pay 600 yen for a visit and similar to the Sanjusangendo Temple, you are not allow to take pictures on the display artifacts. Therefore, we decided not to go in. Taking pictures outside was more than satisfying.

Around the castle, they sell quite a number of snacks such as the ice kacang like drinks, ice cream and takoyakis. The takoyakis here didnt taste as good as in Tokyo as they were as dried as the ones that you can find in Takashimaya but of course with a bigger chunk of tako inside the balls.

I think Japanese really love red beans. In whatever dessert that they are eating, they must have red beans. Red beans red beans everywhere. Luckily I am a red beans lover. I dont really like green beans though unless I need to detox. Else I wont be taking green beans.

Somewhere in between the train station and the castle is a stadium and there was an event going on that day. We were quite surprised to see the place was filled with people and there were stalls set up. We later found out that there was a concert going on. Gosh the people were just too many.

There are stalls selling fried noodles, red beans filling doraemon cakes, dorayakis, strawberries coated in sugar, egg pancakes. We bought the fried noodles and egg pancakes to try and see if it is tasty. And it was as good as it looks. Very very tasty especially the fried noodles. Though only cabbage and noodles, it tastes really good when fried with their special vinegar. We have two packets of this!!!

Our trip in Japan seems tiring cos we walked a lot but IT WAS DEFINITELY AND ENJOYABLE TRIP!!!! ^_^ See a lot, walk a lot and eat a lot! Overall, I like the place, the people and the food! I hope someday sometime I will go back to Japan again. *Grins*Wink*Wink*

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