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Penang Village @ Sri Hartamas Shopping Mall

I was browsing through pics for the past few months. It seems like I have not been blogging about the food that I had eaten. So I decided to have it a go again. This restaurant is located at the basement of Sri Hartamas shopping mall called Penang Village.

At the first glance, the restaurant looks empty and we (my family and I) hesitated. It's empty because it's 4++ pm and who would have lunch or dinner during this time .... *fainted* .... There were a table or two having their snacks though ... by judging the looks of the customers, we decided to brave ourselves and try it out!

The design of the restaurant is quite unique and it has that kind of "Peranakan" feel .....

Since it is called Penang Village, the first thing that we ordered is the "Char Kway Teow" (fried wide rice noodles). But to our disappointment they dont serve char kway teow during that day. Char kway teow is the signature of Penang and not char kway teow!!!!! Aiks ...... so we ordered others stuff.
This is ota-ota. It looks and taste a lot like the Thai Ota-ota. Very nice! But sadly not Penang signature .....

Then, my sis ordered Tom Yum fried rice, which is again not Penang signature. More towards Thai again ... Taste ok ... not very tom yum-ish though.

Another version of fried rice. You must be wondering why fried rice. All of us like fried rice. So we ordered different kinds of fried rice to test out how well they can go with fried rice. Instead of tasting Penang signatures, we had a fried rice feast instead which is quite ... *speechless* ...

Alas and finally, here comes the Penang signature - Assam Laksa. The waiter was kind enough to arrange the cutlery for me to take pictures. Hehehe ... seems like he knows I am going to blog about this. Well, well ... tasting the not so great fried rice, I didnt expect too much from this assam laksa. And my expectation was wrong. This assam laksa taste superb!! Although using mackerel as soup base, there is no fishy smell at all. It just taste real good. Sweet enough, sour enough and spicy enough! Plus it's a very big bowl too.

Cant remember how much we spent though but if think each dish cost around RM10-20. Slightly more expensive for the assam laksa. If I am going down to Sri Hartamas again, I will definitely visit this restaurant again. It's worth the money except the fried rice.

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